Me & my work


The name To'beat'us stands for premium class electronic music.


I am a dj and producer mainly dedicated to the Sound of Bigroom, Groove House and Trap.

Nevertheless I am known for my musical diversity as I've always been passionate when it comes to music. My family and friends use to say it has always been part of me and my nature.


It all began with electronic dance music in 2011 but I finally "got into" it in 2014.

After one year of deejaying I started producing and creating my first own remixes, mashups and songs as To'beat'us.


Tracks & remixes

mASHUPs & edits



(only official events)

  1. We Love Durchgedreht Festival
  2. Hangar
  3. Liquid Club
  4. Ruhrkristall
  5. Schilderhaus 
  6. Landresidenz 4.0
  7. Wassersportverein Mülheim (Ruhr) e.V. 
  8. Dümptener TV 1885 (Sportanlage Wenderfeld)
  9. IUBH "Die Villa"
  1. 45479 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
  2. 74564 Crailsheim, DE
  3. 851 00 Faliraki (Rhodes), GR
  4. 45479 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
  5. 45470 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
  6. 53773 Hennef (Söven), DE
  7. 45470 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
  8. 45475 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
  9. 53604 Bad Honnef, DE